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A Pacific Northwest Beach Garden – It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Dance

Well, I’m back at the garden show! Today I wanted to start by sharing the garden I photographed the most: A Pacific Northwest Beach Garden – It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Dance. I guess I couldn’t help but snap photos of all the driftwood, stone, and groundcover plantings. Maybe I should move to the beach?

Created by:
Plantswoman Design
The Reijnen Company

A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden

This garden was my personal favorite at Northwest Flower & Garden show. It’s a hobbit house!!! It even has a living roof.


Created by:
Washington Park Arboretum

Designed by:
Bob Lilly
Phil Wood
Roger Williams
Rhonda Bush

The Lost Gardener – A Journey from the Wild to the Cultivated

I’m hanging out at the Northwest Flower & Garden show and thought I’d share some of my favorites from each of my favorite gardens. I’ll start with the 2013 Founder’s Cup winner: The Lost Gardener – A Journey from the Wild to the Cultivated.

What did I like best about this garden by RHR Horticulture? The unique plants!

Everyone needs a skull rock, right?

Created by:
RHR Horticulture – Landwave Gardens

Northwest Flower & Garden Show Opens This Week!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the start of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show (NWFGS) since the first day of winter. For me, this is the beginning of the gardening season. It gets me out of my winter slump and inspires me to spend time outside in my jungle. Read more

I’m a Wimp

The last couple weeks I’ve noticed a creature is living in my garage. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I assume it’s a rat. I’ve thought about leaving the door open to let the cats hang out in the garage but don’t want my pets getting into other potentially harmful stuff that may be out there. At least until I have the time to clean it out.

Then last night I was awoken by something trying to get into my chicken coop. I heard the distinct noise (twang) of the hardware cloth being pulled on and released. I quickly got up to see what was trying to get to my chickens and found my own cat pulling at the wire.

To get a better look at what my cat was trying to get (since I knew it wasn’t the chickens) I walked around to the other window and saw the sweetest looking rat sitting on top of my hen house — looking right at me with it’s doe eyes.

[Visualize picture of cute rat looking scared that I was too tired to take]

Instead of opening up the coop and letting my cat have a run at the rat, I went back to bed. I figure it had to leave the coop at some point and then it was fair game. In short; I’m a wimp.

I deserve to have rat poop all over my garage. Maybe I’ll put out some live traps soon and send this buddy to the woods (yes, I know this is also bad). We already know I can’t kill it. I’m open to your suggestions.